Sang Whang: Alkaline Pioneer talks about water ionizers and the body.

Sang Whang, engineer, author of the best selling ‘Reverse Aging’, gives a fabulous lecture on alkalizing the body using alkaline water from a water ionizer. (There is a small temporary audio distortion in the beginning but it clears up at the 2:40 mark when Sang Whang starts talking with the microphone) 

Alkaline Water eliminates acid toxins and poisons from the cells, increases metabolism; strengthens body immune system and helps us prevent disease like calculus, gastritis problems; decreases chances of cancer, helps prevent digestive system issues, helps prevent hepatitis problems, prevent hypertension, helps heal uric & gout damage, prevent insomnia, prevent sexual dysfunction, prevent heart trouble and fights diabetes, tumors and more.

The natural mineral elements in the AOGI filters create charged mineral water which is good for animals and plants also. AOGI makes it easy for children, teens, adults and the elderly to stay healthy daily. AOGI can help repair years of damage or maintain an alkaline balance for maximum health against pollution, germs, chemtrails and other ills of modern society. Get your AOGI Alkaline Stick, Alkaline Cup/Flask, Alkaline Water Pitcher, Alkaline Machine –

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